Cool Breeze Pro Reviews: Air Conditioner Fan in Canada & USA

Summer can bring scorching heat waves, making it crucial to find affordable ways to stay cool. As energy costs rise, households are seeking cost-effective alternatives to conventional air conditioning units. Cool Breeze Pro is a highly sought-after option for individuals looking to escape the heat without breaking the bank. This review explores Cool Breeze Pro, analyzing its features, advantages, and overall performance to assess its true value.

Cool Breeze Pro



What is Cool Breeze Pro?

It is not your ordinary desktop air cooler. It goes beyond traditional fans by harnessing the power of evaporative cooling to provide a blast of refreshing cool air. With its sleek design and portable nature, Cool Breeze Pro is perfect for your home, office, or wherever you need a quick cool-down.

Not only does Cool Breeze Pro cool the air, but it also functions as a humidifier, adding moisture to dry environments. The built-in humidifier features three intensity settings, allowing you to adjust the mist output for personalized comfort. Additionally, the device includes an aroma diffuser, enabling you to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy by adding your favorite essential oils to the designated tray.

Cool Breeze Pro offers a USB-powered design, allowing for versatile and hassle-free cooling in various locations. Overall, Cool Breeze Pro strives to provide a holistic solution to the common discomforts experienced during hot weather. It effectively combats heat, dryness, and stagnant air, ensuring a more comfortable environment. The product’s unique approach and intuitive features make it an attractive choice for individuals seeking to improve their summer comfort.

Specifications of Cool Breeze Pro

It boasts several impressive specifications that contribute to its effectiveness and convenience. Each specification is designed to provide maximum comfort and ease of use for the consumer:

  1. High-Efficiency Fan: Cool Breeze Pro features a powerful fan with three-speed settings, allowing users to customize the intensity of the airflow. This ensures that the cooling experience can be tailored to individual preferences, from a gentle breeze to a more robust airflow.
  2. Built-In Humidifier: The integrated humidifier function adds moisture to the air, combating the dryness that often accompanies the use of fans or air conditioning. This feature is particularly beneficial for individuals with respiratory issues or those who experience dry skin and throat irritation.
  3. Aroma Diffuser: Cool Breeze Pro includes an aroma diffuser that allows users to add essential oils to the water tank. This feature enhances the cooling experience by infusing the air with pleasant scents, creating a calming and therapeutic atmosphere.
  4. LED Lighting: The device comes with built-in LED lights that offer seven different colors. Users can choose a color that suits their mood or setting, adding a visually appealing element to their cooling experience. The LED lights can also serve as a nightlight, providing soft illumination.
  5. Large 20oz Water Tank: The generous water tank capacity ensures that Cool Breeze Pro can operate for extended periods without the need for frequent refills. This feature is particularly useful for overnight use or in larger rooms.
  6. USB Powered: Cool Breeze Pro’s USB-powered design allows it to be used with a variety of power sources, including laptops, power banks, and car chargers. This versatility makes it an ideal cooling solution for both indoor and outdoor use.


Cool Breeze Pro is packed with features that enhance its functionality and user experience. Each feature is designed to address specific needs and provide a comprehensive cooling solution:

  1. Multi-Speed Fan: The fan offers three adjustable speed settings, allowing users to select the perfect intensity for their cooling needs. Whether a gentle breeze is needed or a stronger airflow, Cool Breeze Pro delivers customized comfort.
  2. Adjustable 60° Directional Airflow: The fan head can be tilted up to 60 degrees, directing the airflow precisely where it is needed. This feature ensures targeted cooling, making it ideal for use in specific areas or while engaging in stationary activities.
  3. Three Humidity Levels: The built-in humidifier offers three mist output levels, allowing users to adjust the moisture level in the air. This helps alleviate dryness and provides a more comfortable and hydrated environment.
  4. Automatic Timer: Cool Breeze Pro includes a timer function with options for 1, 2, or 3-hour intervals. This feature helps conserve energy and provides peace of mind by automatically turning off the device after a set period.
  5. Aroma Diffuser: Adding essential oils to the water tank enables the aroma diffuser function, enhancing the cooling experience with relaxing or invigorating scents. This feature transforms the device into an aromatherapy tool, promoting a sense of well-being.
  6. LED Lighting with Seven Colors: The built-in LED lights offer seven vivid colors, allowing users to create the perfect ambiance. Whether a calming blue or an energizing red is desired, the LED lighting adds a dynamic and customizable element to the cooling experience.


Cool Breeze Pro offers numerous benefits, making it a standout choice for those seeking an effective and affordable cooling solution:

  1. Cost-Effective: Compared to traditional air conditioning units, Cool Breeze Pro is much more affordable both in terms of initial cost and ongoing energy consumption. This makes it an attractive option for budget-conscious consumers.
  2. Portable and Versatile: Its compact size and USB-powered design make Cool Breeze Pro highly portable and versatile. It can be easily moved from room to room or taken on the go, providing cooling wherever it is needed.
  3. Multi-Functionality: The combination of fan, humidifier, and aroma diffuser functions sets Cool Breeze Pro apart from other portable air coolers. This multi-functionality offers a comprehensive solution to common summer discomforts.
  4. Customizable Comfort: With adjustable fan speeds, humidity levels, and directional airflow, Cool Breeze Pro allows users to tailor their cooling experience to their specific needs and preferences.
  5. Enhanced Atmosphere: The built-in LED lighting and aroma diffuser enhance the overall atmosphere, creating a more enjoyable and relaxing environment.

Pros and Cons


  • Affordable compared to traditional air conditioning units.
  • Portable and easy to use in various settings.
  • Multi-functional with fan, humidifier, and aroma diffuser.
  • Customizable cooling experience with adjustable settings.
  • Energy-efficient USB-powered design.


  • May not be as powerful as full-sized air conditioning units for larger spaces.
  • Requires regular refilling of the water tank for continuous operation.
  • The aroma diffuser function may not be suitable for all users, especially those sensitive to scents.

Potential Side Effects

While Cool Breeze Pro is generally safe to use, there are a few potential side effects to be aware of:

  1. Allergic Reactions: Some users may be sensitive to the essential oils used in the aroma diffuser. It is important to choose oils that are known to be safe and non-irritating.
  2. Humidity Levels: Overuse of the humidifier function in already humid environments may lead to excessive moisture, which can cause discomfort or mold growth.

How to Use it ?

Using Cool Breeze Pro is straightforward and user-friendly:

  1. Setup: Place Cool Breeze Pro on a flat surface and connect it to a power source using the USB cable.
  2. Filling the Water Tank: Open the water tank cover and fill the tank with clean water. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil if desired.
  3. Adjusting Settings: Use the control buttons to select your desired fan speed, humidity level, and LED light color.
  4. Directing Airflow: Tilt the fan head to direct the airflow where it is needed.
  5. Using the Timer: Set the automatic timer to your preferred duration for energy-efficient operation.
  6. Maintenance: Regularly clean the water tank and fan blades to ensure optimal performance and hygiene.

Is Cool-Breeze Pro Safe?

Yes, it  is generally considered safe for use. Its design prioritizes user safety with features like automatic shut-off and a stable base. However, as with any electronic device, it is important to use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions and follow the recommended precautions.

How is Coolbreeze Pro Better than Others?

Cool Breeze Pro distinguishes itself from other portable air coolers through its combination of features and overall performance:

  1. Multi-Functionality: Unlike many portable air coolers that only offer basic fan functionality, Cool Breeze Pro combines the functions of a fan, humidifier, and aroma diffuser. This multi-functional approach provides a more comprehensive solution to summer discomforts.
  2. Adjustable Settings: With three fan speeds, three humidity levels, and adjustable airflow direction, it allows users to customize their cooling experience to suit their preferences.
  3. Portable and USB-Powered: Its USB-powered design makes Cool Breeze Pro highly portable and versatile, allowing it to be used in a variety of locations with different power sources.
  4. LED Lighting and Aroma Diffuser: The built-in LED lights and aroma diffuser enhance the overall atmosphere, creating a more enjoyable and relaxing environment.
  5. Cost-Effective and Energy-Efficient: it is more affordable than traditional air conditioning units and consumes less energy, making it a cost-effective choice for budget-conscious consumers.

Where to Buy CoolBreeze Pro ?

Cool Breeze Pro can be purchased from the official website and select online retailers. Buying from the official website ensures you receive an authentic product and may also provide access to special offers, discounts, and warranty options. Be cautious of third-party sellers and unauthorized retailers to avoid counterfeit products.


While Cool Breeze Pro is designed for safe and effective use, it is important to follow some precautions to ensure optimal performance and user safety:

  1. Regular Cleaning: Regularly clean the water tank and fan blades to prevent the buildup of mold, bacteria, and dust. This will ensure the device operates efficiently and maintains good air quality.
  2. Proper Placement: Place Cool Breeze Pro on a stable, flat surface to avoid tipping or spilling water. Ensure it is positioned away from electronic devices and other items that could be damaged by water.
  3. Use Distilled Water: Using distilled water in the tank can help prevent mineral buildup and prolong the life of the device.
  4. Essential Oil Usage: When using the aroma diffuser function, choose essential oils that are known to be safe and non-irritating. Avoid using oils that you or others in your household may be allergic to.
  5. Avoid Overuse: Do not overuse the humidifier function in already humid environments, as this can lead to excessive moisture and potential mold growth.

User Reviews and Testimonials

Cool Breeze Pro has received positive feedback from users who appreciate its effectiveness and convenience. Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers:

  • Jane S.: “I love my Cool Breeze Pro! It’s perfect for my small apartment and keeps me cool without the high energy bills. The aroma diffuser is a nice touch, and the LED lights add a fun element to my room.”
  • Mark T.: “This little device is a game-changer. I use it at my desk while working, and it makes a huge difference in my comfort level. The humidifier helps with my dry throat, and the fan is surprisingly powerful for its size.”
  • Emily R.: “It is a great alternative to traditional air conditioning. It’s portable, easy to use, and affordable. I take it with me wherever I go, and it provides instant relief from the heat.”
  • David P.: “I was skeptical at first, but Cool Breeze Pro has exceeded my expectations. It’s quiet, efficient, and the adjustable settings allow me to customize my cooling experience. Highly recommend it!”


It is an excellent choice for those looking to stay cool during the scorching summer months without incurring high energy costs. Its multi-functional design, customizable settings, and portable nature make it a versatile and cost-effective alternative to traditional air conditioning units. By combining the functionalities of a fan, humidifier, and aroma diffuser, Cool Breeze Pro provides a comprehensive solution to the discomforts of hot weather. After an in-depth analysis of its features, specifications, and user reviews, it is clear that Cool Breeze Pro offers significant value as a home addition. Whether you need a cooling solution for your home, office, or on the go, Cool Breeze Pro is worth considering for its affordability, effectiveness, and overall performance.